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After a long month of production and pre production for all our projects, It was finally the time to start our POST PRODUCTION. 

With no time waste just before the brefing we were asked to get our rushes done in one place. I planned not to submit my rushes but as the time came closer I finished it off and submitted it. 

As the DOP I had created some rules for the edit and it was the time to check if those rules worked well in my editing or not. 

To recap the rules were. 

  • Ending and begining the shots with closeup so that it ends in blacks.

  • Ending and begining the shots in one flow. (usually didnt worked out as planned

And hence I finished my Rushes.


The feedbacks from the rushes were helpfull but somwhere is a challenge for me to make this film more than what it is, right now its a technicaly in a heigher level but narratively its not as strong as I think it is. I was bothered with this thought but then we got our brief for the next unit.

The basic summary of the unit was that similar to the previous unit, we have to choose roles in post prodcution. 

According to the handbook we had to take 2 roles, I had many thoughts as my process is going to be little different and I wanted to learn AVID, I decided to be a Sound Designer in my film and the Editor/Interaction Designer. 

An interaction designer was the role I created for myself as it did justice to the interactive film. 

This whole interactive project is not something I felt I am here to do, The project came out really well, the shots were amazing, lights, performance but this was not the only thing that I wanted to do. The things I wanted to do had to be in other projects, things like

  • Editing a proper Film

  • Learn AVID

  • Shooting a visually beautifull project

As after some thoghts I had a small one on one with the course leader and Ania. She was fine with the decision of me being a sound designer and the editor for IF.

But the concen that I had regarding my film not being able to give me the satisfaction that I wanted I preposed an Idea of editing the film that Diya (BA 1st year Film Production) filmed during the month of may. 

She agreed to it and I got a project that could help me learn AVID but I was not about to get marked on it. 

Screenshot 2022-06-27 211747.png


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