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2D Souls Like Metriodvania

Currently working in this indie studio as an RPG Game Designer and Balancer. My work in this includes combat, Level design, enemy encounters, weapons, and complete balancing

  • Designed levels for item placement

  • Enemy encounters and placements on the map

  • 3C balancing, Weapons, Spells, Characters, Camera, animation feedback

  • Boss encounters and encounters consultant.

  • Level Design.



Open World Gangster Game

In my time working at Hypernova Interactive Studio I was the initial designer for the in-house F2P game and worked for the foundation of the open-world gangster game on a mobile platform - More info on CV

  • Designed, implemented and prototyped initial designs of features

  • Researched ion the world, traffic systems and other open-world games

  • assisted the team to create tools and features for the game

  • Implemented gameplay camera for movement, shooting and driving


Harano: What Was Lost

Puzzle Adventure Game

Harano is a 3D puzzle adventure highly story-driven game, A game where the player has to explore and solve puzzles to unravel the story. This was a 6 months project with a team of 9 people.



Action / Metroidvania

RUH is a 2D platformer, a Metroid-like game that is highly story-rich and inspired by many different cultures. This was a 6 months project with a team of 6 people.



Various Level Design Practice

Collection of some of my level design assessments and practices. It includes my detailed process with narrative touch to the levels I designed


The Last Arrow

Top Down Action Endless Adventure

A top-down action endless adventure of a mercenary who is the last of his kind and is been ordered to be executed in the arena. It depends on you for how long he can survive in the arena

Arrow poster.png


Game Book

A classic old-school table-top adventure but in a form of a book, An futuristic adventure where you play as a vagabond who becomes the captain of a refuge ship. The decision that you take will decide your journey in this experience.


The Lazy

Top Down Zelda-Like

The Lazy Game is a top-down Zelda-like game made in one week, this was a solo project this game is a result of me going haywire with my imagination and using my visualization to create something fun.

The Lazy poster.png


Visual Novel

Enlightened Darkness is an interactive novel that is highly inspired by the characters of our childhood fables. By giving those childhood fables a touch of fantasy and steam punk this interactive experience takes you on a very psychological journey.

VisualnOvel poster.png
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