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About The Lazy Game

About The Lazy Game

About the project


Ace is stuck in a dream where every thing is unusual and dangerous. He has to face his deepest fears and get out of the world. 

This game is a result of me going haywire with my imaginations and using my visualization to create something fun. 

The lazy game is a Top down Zelda like game where you as a player have to search for three chests to escape the dream that the protagonist is living in 


Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer, Sound / Music Engineer

  • Designed and implemented mechanics in the engine using C#

  • Created level using 2D tile set and placed enemies encounters

  • Created crazy VFX and particle effects and implemented them in the engine

  • Designed interactive sound and music on the encounter of different enemies using a sound mixer 

  • Composed music for the game

  • Found and tweaked the art assets from and implemented it with animation states and system

Gameplay Video



NOTE: It is a Alpha Build

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